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_LA_7328_15 (Gaston Reinesch et Jean Tirole)
18 mai 2015 : Signature d’un accord de coopération entre la Toulouse School of Economics et la Banque centrale du Luxembourg     


Cahier d'études 114: Capturing Macroprudential Regulation Effectiveness: A DSGE Approach with Shadow Intermediaries

06.10.2017: Publication du Bulletin 2017/2

Cahier d'études 113: Household debt burden and financial vulnerability in Luxembourg

Cahier d'études 112: What Drives Gross Flows in Equity and Investment Fund Shares in Luxembourg?

Cahier d'études 111: Financial Regulation and Shadow Banking: A Small-Scale DSGE Perspective

Cahier d'études 110: Active labour market policies and short-time work arrangements: Evidence from a survey of Luxembourg firms 

Cahier d'études 109: Systemic Financial Sector and Sovereign Risks 

Revue de stabilité financière 2017 de la BCL

Cahier d'études 108: Public debt, central bank and money: some clarifications

Cahier d'études 107: Firm Growth in Europe: an Overview based on the CompNet Labour Module

Cahier d'études 106: The Luxembourg Household Finance Consumption Survey: Results from the 2nd wave

Conférences, colloques et séminaires de recherche

14.11.2017: The Bridge Forum Dialogue a.s.b.l.and the University of Luxembourg: New forms of matter near absolute zero temperature
Professor Wolfgang Ketterle
Professor of Physics, Nobel Laureate in Physics
Director, MIT-Harvard Center for Ultracold Atoms

30.11.2017: The Bridge Forum Dialogue Conference: The ESM after 5 years: Successes, challenges and perspectives


Mr. Jeroen Dijsselbloem, Chairperson of the Board of Governors of the European Stability Mechanism, President of the Eurogroup, Minister of Finance of the Netherlands

Mr. Klaus Regling, Vice-President of the Bridge Forum Dialogue, Managing Director of the European Stability Mechanism