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14.03.2024 - Post de Gaston Reinesch, Gouverneur de la BCL:

27/ The March 2024 Governing Council’s monetary policy decisions

18.04.2024: Conférence Bridge Forum Dialogue - “The European Union and the Western Balkans Enlargement: ambitions versus realities?”

Call for papers: 9 th Luxembourg Workshop on Household Finance and Consumption
Organiser: Central Bank of Luxembourg
Date: Thursday, 27 June - Friday, 28 June 2024
Location: Luxembourg


WP 183: Fiscal competition and two-way migration, by Patrice Pieretti, Giuseppe Pulina et Skerdilajda Zanaj, March 2024
WP 182
: Decomposing Systemic Risk Measures by Bank Business Model in Luxembourg, by Xisong Jin, February 2024
WP 181: Direct investment positions held by captive financial institutions in Luxembourg affiliated to investment funds focusing on private equity or real estate, by Gabriele Di Filippo, January 2024
WP 180: Optimal timing of environmental policy under partial information, by Pablo Garcia, Janvier 2024
WP 179: Rental Housing Market and Directed Search, by Julien Pascal, December 2023
WP 178: Uncertain lifetime, health investment and welfare, by Pablo Garcia Sanchez and Olivier Pierrard, November 2023
WP 177: Frictionless house-price momentum, by Patrick Fève and Alban Moura, November 2023
WP 176: The Luxembourg Household Finance and Consumption Survey: Results from the fourth wave in 2021, by Thomas Y. Mathä, Ana Montes-Viñas, Giuseppe Pulina and Michael Ziegelmeyer, November 2023
WP 175: Consumer debt in Luxembourg and the euro area: evidence from the Household Finance and Consumption Survey, by Giuseppe Pulina, November 2023

Bulletin BCL 2023/2

Revue de stabilité financière 2022




(Gaston Reinesch et Jean Tirole)
18 mai 2015 : Signature d’un accord de coopération entre la Toulouse School of Economics et la Banque centrale du Luxembourg     

17.09.2019 - The Banque centrale du Luxembourg and the Toulouse School of Economics conference: "The Future of the International Monetary System"


Claudio Borio, Bank for International Settlements
Benoît Coeuré, European Central Bank
Prof. Gita Gopinath, International Monetary Fund
Philip Lane, European Central Bank
Maurice Obstfeld, University of California, Berkeley
Hélène Rey, London Business School
Jean Tirole, Toulouse School of Economics