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Payment statistics

RTGS in Luxembourg

Table 1 - Volume of payments
Table 2 - Value of payments

Retail payments

Table 5 - Use of payment instrument in Luxembourg

ECB payment statistics

The ECB regularly publishes detailed payment statistics with data sourced from the BCL's CDDP collection. Below are some relevant hyperlinks which show LU data per payment instrument.

ECB's data portal

The ECB's data portal contains a large number of indicators relating to inflation, monetary aggregates, and also payment statistics. Below you will find direct links for several key indicators for Luxembourgish payment service providers (PSPs).

Credit transfers (dataset PAY)

Direct debits (dataset PAY)

Card payments (dataset PAY)

ATM cash withdrawals (dataset PAY)

E-money payments (dataset PAY)

POS and ATM terminals (dataset PTN)

Payments transactions (Key indicators)

Starting with reference period 2022-S1, the BCL provides semi-annual data to the ECB. The payments dashboard contains a harmonised view on payment transactions across the EU. To show transactions only for LU, click on the tab “Payment transactions”, then choose “LU” in the dropdown menu “Country”.

For completeness, the following is a complete list of relevant datasets containing payments statistics in the ECB's data portal: