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Financial Stability and Liquidity Supervision

In conformity with article 127(2) and (5) of the Treaty on the functioning of the European Union, the Banque centrale du Luxembourg (BCL), as a member of the Eurosystem, has the mission to define and implement the monetary policy of the Union and to contribute to the smooth conduct of policies pursued by the competent authorities regarding the prudential supervision of credit institutions and the stability of the financial system.


  • Banking Union
    The Banking Union is composed of three pillars, i.e. a single banking supervision (Single Supervisory Mechanism, SSM), a common system for the management and resolution of banks' crises (Single Resolution Mechanism, SRM)) and a uniform system in order to protect the savings of depositors (Deposit Guarantee Schemes, DGS).(…)
  • Financial Stability and Macro-Prudential Surveillance
    In addition to price stability, one of the fundamental missions of the Banque centrale du Luxembourg is to safeguard the stability of the financial system. (...)
  • Liquidity Supervision
    The BCL is in charge of the supervision of the global liquidity situation as well as the supervision of the individual situation of the liquidity of each operator.(...)
  • Comité du Risque Systémique (CdRS) / Systemic Risk Committee
    The CdRS is the Luxembourg macroprudential authority, whose secretariat is provided by the BCL. (...)