The Cross border Household Finance and Consumption Survey: Results from the third wave

DateFebruary 2021
AuteurYiwen Chen, Thomas Y. Mathä, Giuseppe Pulina and Michael Ziegelmeyer.

This report presents the methodology and main descriptive results from the third wave of the Cross-border Household Finance and Consumption Survey (XB-HFCS) conducted in 2018. This is a household survey of employees in Luxembourg who live abroad and regularly commute across the border. We analyse the composition and level of household assets and liabilities, net wealth and income, and compare them to those of similar households (including at least one employee) whether resident in Luxembourg or in one of the bordering countries. Compared to households employed in their country of residence, cross-border commuters reported higher median gross income, homeownership rates and wealth. Around 10% of cross-border commuters lived in Luxembourg before they moved to Belgium, France or Germany (usually their country of birth).

Keywords: Cross-border commuters, households, survey, assets, liabilities, wealth, income.

JEL-Codes: G51, D31, D14, C81, C83, J61

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