The Luxembourg Household Finance and Consumption Survey: Results from the fourth wave in 2021

DateNovember 2023
AuteurThomas Y. Mathä, Ana Montes-Viñas, Giuseppe Pulina and Michael Ziegelmeyer

This report presents the main results and underlying methodology of the 2021 wave of the Luxembourg Household Finance and Consumption Survey (LU-HFCS). From 2018 to 2021, there was a broad-based increase in gross and net household income, as well as in net wealth. This partly reflects the rapid increase in property prices, positive stock market developments
and “involuntary” savings during the COVID-19 pandemic. The share of indebted households remained stable, but the average amount of debt increased substantially across all household groups. There were no significant changes in income or wealth inequality since 2018.
Keywords: Household, survey, wealth, income, assets, debts, COVID-19.
JEL-Codes: D31, D14, C81, C83.

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