Deep learning solutions of DSGE models: a technical report

DateMay 2024
AuteurPierre Beck, Pablo Garcia Sanchez, Alban Moura, Julien Pascal, Olivier Pierrard

This technical report provides an introduction to solving economic models us-ing deep learning techniques. We offer a simple yet rigorous overview of deep learning methods and their applicability to economic modeling. We illustrate these concepts using the benchmark of modern macroeconomic theory: the stochastic growth model. Our results emphasize how various choices related to the design of the deep learning solution affect the accuracy of the results, providing some guidance for potential users of the method. We also provide fully commented computer codes. Overall, our hope is that this report will serve as an accessible, useful entry point to applying deep learning techniques to solve economic models for graduate students and researchers interested in the field.
JEL Codes: C45, C60, C63, E13.
Keywords: solutions of DSGE models; deep learning; artificial neural networks.

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