Statutory bodies

The two statutory bodies of the BCL are the Council and the Executive Board.

The Council is composed of nine members: the three members of the Executive Board, appointed by the Grand-Duke following a proposal by the Government in Cabinet, and six other members, appointed by the Government in Cabinet. Chaired by the BCL's Governor, the Council notably formulates the business policy of the BCL and approves the budget and annual accounts.

President: Gaston Reinesch
Members: Michèle Detaille, Nadia Manzari, Aline Muller, Martine Reicherts, Nicolas Weber, Roland Weyland, Claude Wirion, Michel Wurth.

The Executive Board is the highest executive authority of the BCL. It consists of the Director General of the BCL (Governor as a member of the ECB Governing Council) and two Directors. They prepare the measures and take the decisions required for the accomplishment of the BCL’s missions. 

Director General: Gaston Reinesch
Directors: Roland Weyland and Nicolas Weber

Members of both bodies are appointed for renewable six-year terms.

Direction BCL 09_2021

 From left to right: Nicolas Weber, Gaston Reinesch, Roland Weyland.