Household risk taking after the financial crisis

DateFebruary 2014
AuthorSarah Necker and Michael Ziegelmeyer

This study investigates whether and how the crisis in 2008/2009 affects households' risk attitudes, subjective risk and return expectations, and planned financial risk taking using the German SAVE study. Households' wealth change from end-2007 to end-2009 is not found to have an effect. However, households that attribute losses to the crisis decreased their risk tolerance and planned risk taking; the probability of expecting an increase in risks and returns is raised. According to economic theory, wealth changes attributed to a dramatic event should not have a different effect than other wealth changes. The results suggest an emotional reaction.

Keywords: Financial and economic crisis, risk preferences, stock market expectations, wealth uctuations, emotions

JEL-Codes: D81, D14, G11


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