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Statute of the BCL's staff members

The staff of the Central Bank is appointed by the Executive Board of the BCL and comes under its authority. There are three categories of employees at the BCL: civil servants, state employees and private employees.

1. Civil servants

Staff having the status of civil servants

Members of staff exercising specific positions of the Organization chart mentioned in Article 29 (2) of the BCL’s organic law, which involve, directly or indirectly, the exercise of public power, are assimilated to State civil servants. Therefore, their status follows the legal regime applicable to State civil servants and to State civil servants probationers, if necessary by analogy and unless otherwise specified in the Grand-ducal Regulation of 26 June 2002.

2. State employees

Employees assimilated to state employees

Employees who fulfill the required conditions are hired under the status of state employees. Their status follows the regime of state employees as provided for by Article 13 of the law of 27 January 1972 related to state employees, if necessary by analogy, as well as the provisions of Article 1, paragraph 5, of the law of 16 April 1979, as amended, and the laws and regulations establishing rules for state employees.

In general, applicants meeting the following conditions can be hired by the BCL under a full-time or part-time working contract, for a temporary or a permanent position, under the status of state Employee:

a) Nationality of one of the European Union Member States,
b) Full possession of civil and political rights,
c) Appropriate moral standards,
d) Conditions of aptitude required for the exercise of the function,
e) Adequate knowledge of the three administrative languages as defined by the law of 24 February 1984 related to the regime of languages, except for jobs, to be determined by a Grand-Ducal regulation, for which the knowledge of one of these languages is not considered necessary because of the nature and level of responsibility of these jobs.

3. Private employees

Employees who do not meet the conditions listed above are recruited under a status of private employee; their contract is governed by the law of 24 May 1989 related to the employment contract.


Categories 1 and 2 above are subdivided into several salary groups: 

- Salary group A1 - former « Carrière supérieure » 
- Salary group A2 
- salary group B1 - former « Carrière moyenne » 
- salary group C1 - former « Carrière inférieure / Expéditionnaire » 
- salary group D2 - former « Carrière inférieure / Huissier»