Reimbursement of banknotes and coins

Different categories for the reimbursement of banknotes and coins exist:

  • mutilated banknotes and coins,
  • destroyed banknotes and coins,
  • notes and coins withdrawn from circulation after the loss of their legal tender status.

The Bank, in its capacity as issuing authority, is responsible for the reimbursement of such banknotes and coins denominated in euro and Luxembourg francs. The refund is made by the Central Bank according to strict rules.

Depending on the decision taken by the Central Bank, the eventual refund will be made either by bank transfer or in cash to be withdrawn at the public counter of the BCL. 

For the filing of banknotes and coins please contact the Numismatic center, opened to the public Monday through Friday from 10:30 to 16:00 at the address below.

Banque centrale du Luxembourg
Numismatic center
43, Avenue Monterey
L-2163 Luxembourg

Reimbursement of national currencies
Ink-stained banknotes

If someone intends to give you a banknote, which looks like the ones below, do not accept it: it’s probably a stolen banknote!


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