S 1.6 Information on valuation effects on the balance sheet of investment funds

S1.6 Layout 1 mandatory as from the reference period  December 2014

Last update

Instructions     28.05.2014  
Report   28.05.2014  
XML schema S 1.6 L1 (zip file)   28.05.2014  


S1.6 Layout 0 mandatory until the reference period of November 2014

Last update

Manual of electronic transmission 01.07.2008 version with revision marks
XML schema v1.0 (fichier zip) 21.01.2009  
New XML schema (introduction of the layout) as from December 2009 reference period    
Manual of electronic transmission  (as from December 2009)     04.09.2009 version with revision marks
XML schema v1.1 (fichier zip)   16.12.2009  
The use of that schema is optional. It has been introduced for coherency purposes with the S 1.3 L2 schema, for which information on the layout is needed.