TPTOBS - Security by security reporting

TPTOBS Layout 2 Mandatory as from the reference period of December 2014

Last update

Instructions  28.05.2014  
Report   28.05.2014  
Compendium of verification rules  27.09.2019 version with revision marks
XML schema TPTOBS L2 (Zip file)   07.10.2015  


TPTOBS Layout 1 Mandatory until the reference period of November 2014

Last update

Instructions  06.06.2013 Deletion of the remark about the type of holding, see Circular letter ST-13.0501
Manual of electronic transmission v1.0  21.01.2009 version with revision marks
Compendium of verification rules  12.10.2011 version with revision marks 
XML schema TPTOBS L0 v1.0 (Zip file)   28.11.2008  
New XML schema (introduction of layout)      
Manual of electronic transmission v1.1  29.11.2009 version with revision marks
XML schema TPTOBS L1 v1.1 (Zip file)   11.08.2009  
The use of that schema is optional for non monetary UCIs, but mandatory for Monetary UCIs. It has been introduced for coherency purposes with the S 1.3 L2 schema, for which information on the layout is needed.