Generation €uro Students’ Award



What can I learn?

The Generation €uro Students’ Award gives you an opportunity to understand how monetary policy in the euro area works and how it relates to the economy as a whole in an interactive way.

How can I enter the competition?

The competition runs in 11 euro area countries on a yearly basis. Team up with your classmates and a teacher and go through the three rounds of the competition. Details of the schedule, the competition rounds, contacts and prizes are available on the FAQs and About pages.

And if we do well… ?

Finalist teams will have the opportunity of completing an internship at the BCL and will receive collector coins and cash prizes. The winning team will participate to a European event organised by the ECB.


Generation €uro presentation flyer Teacher's brochure Generation €uro presentation poster
Frequently asked questions About the competition


The winners of the national competitions and their accompanying persons, during their visit at the European Central Bank in May 2019.

How does the Generation €uro Students' Award competition work in Luxembourg?