Frequently Asked Questions

What are the deadlines for the three phases of the competition?

The deadlines are*:

  • 1st round - online quiz - deadline: 20 November 2022
  • 2nd round - written assignment - deadline: 1st February 2023
  • 3rd round - oral presentation - March or April 2023, date to be confirmed
  • ECB European Awards Ceremony, May 2023

*These dates may vary.

Where can I find additional information to complete the different phases of the competition?
The contest website provides you with most of the information you need. You will also find useful information on the websites of the ECB or the BCL.

How do I know if I passed the first round (the quiz)?
After the first round, an email will be sent to the teams qualified for the second round.

Can you explain what awaits the students in the second and third tests?
Students will be required to prepare in writing (second round) and orally (third round) a monetary policy decision predicting whether the Governing Council of the ECB will decide to lower, raise or keep unchanged the key euro area rate. An explanatory note will be published on this website and sent to the qualified teams at the time of the launch of these events.

Can we ask other classmates to help us prepare the assignement and presentation?
It is up to your teacher(s) to decide. Of course, an open discussion with other classmates about setting interest rates and the decision they would make on the matter can always be useful.

In what format should the written assignment be written?
Teams should write an assignment that clearly indicates their interest rate decision and rationale.

Note that the teams are free to choose the format of this assignment. In other words, it is up to them to decide how to present their arguments. Creativity will be rewarded and copying and pasting information should be avoided.

Written assignments should not exceed 2,000 words but may include graphs and tables, which are welcome to illustrate the argument. A specific explanatory note for the 2nd round, including its form, will be sent to the teams qualified.

What format should the presentation have?
The choice of presentation format is left to the teams' discretion, but the use of presentation software (such as Powerpoint) is strongly recommended. Teams are encouraged to present their decision on interest rates and the underlying rationale in the same structure as the introductory statement of the ECB President's press conferences, which explain the Governing Council's monetary policy decision.

The presentation should not exceed 20 minutes and each team member (except the teacher) should participate equally.

What is the purpose of the question-and-answer session that will follow the presentation?
The question and answer session is as important as the presentation itself. The jury will test the teams' understanding and knowledge of monetary policy and assess how they justify their interest rate decision. Teams may also be asked about current events that may have an impact on the economy.

Who will evaluate the assignments and presentations?
This task will be entrusted to a jury composed of BCL experts.

Will the jury know the name of our school when they evaluate our written assignment?
No. The jury will evaluate the assignments only on the basis of the criteria below.

Will the jury know the name of our school when evaluating the presentation?
At this point, he will indeed know your name and that of your school. However, its assessment will be based exclusively on the evaluation criteria specified below.

What will be the evaluation criteria for written assignments?
The criteria will be:

-          the rationale for the proposed interest rate decision,

-          the relevance of this decision,

-          familiarity with and appropriate use of monetary policy terms and expressions,

-          the creativity of the students and the research carried out.

The mark awarded to the written assignment may be lowered if it exceeds the maximum 2,000 words imposed.

What will be the evaluation criteria for selecting the winning team(s) in the presentation event?
The evaluation criteria for the presentation will be:

-          the reasons for the proposed decision on the interest rate,

-          the relevance of this decision,

-          familiarity with and appropriate use of monetary policy terms and expressions,

-          the structure of the presentation,

-          the quality of the oral presentation,

-          the level of participation of each team member,

-          the method used to make the presentation.

Where will the presentation test take place?
It will take place at the BCL's premises.

Will we have to bring our own presentation equipment (computer, projector, etc.)?
No. All you have to do is send your presentation by email to the competition team 24 hours before your visit. If you are qualified for the presentation, you will receive all the necessary information by email at the time of your qualification.

Will our written analysis be returned to us corrected or commented on?
Yes, the BCL jury will evaluate your copy and send it back to you with a comment and corrections.

What happens to my personal information?
Personal data such as your name, school name and email address will be used exclusively for the purpose of organizing the contest. The principles set out in the Privacy section will govern their use.

What should we do if our team is forced to withdraw from the game?
You may withdraw from the game at any time during the written analysis test, without having to take any particular steps. However, when the team has been invited to participate in the presentation phase and has accepted this invitation, the captain must notify the BCL contact person of any withdrawal as soon as possible. The BCL may then decide to invite another team to participate in the last event.

I have a question to which I can't find an answer here. To whom should it be addressed?
Write an email to