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Reporting instructions

CDDP6 (VALID FROM 1 January 2022)

Regulation BCL 2021/30 ("Règlement de la Banque centrale du Luxembourg 2021 / N° 30 du 12 juillet 2021 en matière de statistiques de paiement" available in French only)
Annex 1: BCL manual on payment statistics (main set of reporting instructions)

Technical documentation

Questions and answers concerning the CDDP reporting
Test period for CDDP6 transmissions starts in October 2021. 

CDDP5 (valid until 31 December 2021)

Instructions relating to the reporting of payment data (Annex 1 to the regulation BCL2011/9 - version 5.1 dated January 2017)

Technical documentation

  • xml schema  :
    - updated XML schema only (updated on 02.01.2017)
    - all XML schema (updated on 02.01.2017)
  • Codes et libellés (FR)
    Important remark: the feature "track changes" was activated on the document "Codes et libellés",  this to facilitate the display of the updates brought to the document.

Frequently asked questions

Verification rules

Test period

During the test period, reporting agents have the possibility to send data files in our test environnement by the way of the current transmission channels Sofie and Finesti.
The last test period lasted from the 1st November 2015 until the 31 January 2016.


For any question on this data collection, please contact the Banque centrale du Luxembourg by sending an email to