The Banque centrale du Luxembourg (BCL) holds the copyright for the entire content of its website (e.g. texts, documents, logo). The user may make free use of the information obtained directly from the BCL’s website subject to the following conditions:  

  • Such information may be distributed or reproduced provided it appears accurately and the BCL is cited as a source;
  • If such information is transformed by the user, this must be stated explicitly;
  • Where such information is distributed or reproduced for commercial purposes for a charge (irrespective of the medium), buyers must be informed by the sellers beforehand that such information may also be obtained free of charge through the BCL’s website;
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  • Any distribution, reproduction, publication or reprint, in part of in full, of documents bearing the name of their author(s) (such as “cahiers d’études de la BCL”) in the form of another publication, whether printed or produced electronically, is allowed only with the BCL’s explicit prior written authorization.