Graphic features and technical specifications of LUF banknotes and coins

Graphic features and technical specifications of LUF banknotes

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In accordance with a long tradition, the last banknotes issued by the Institut Monétaire Luxembourgeois show the effigy of HRH Grand Duke Jean with a national architectural heritage building in the background. Thus the 100 franc note has a representation of the facade of the Grand Ducal Palace. The 1 000 francs banknote shows the Vianden castle in its contemporary form and the 5 000 francs banknote includes a representation of the castle of Clervaux.

The back side of the banknotes also features the national architectural heritage. The 100 franc note presents an allegorical view of the old town with the remains of the fortress of Luxembourg. The banknote of 1 000 francs has a graphic arrangement of the landmarks of the town of Echternach, but also a stylized image of a scribe and an excerpt from the Codex Aureus Epternacensis. The back side of the 5 000 francs note presents a graphic composition of the main buildings of the European Centre in Luxembourg-Kirchberg, but also the silhouette of the castle of the Counts of Luxembourg and a representation of a Spanish tower.

The three notes from the latest series of banknotes in Luxembourg francs are each characterized by a dominant colour: red for the 100 franc note, brown for the 1 000 francs denomination and the colour green for the banknote of 5 000 francs.

In size, the franc notes are characterised by a uniform height, but differ in length depending on the growing face value.

Design characteristics of the LUF coins

In accordance with the design tradition followed in Luxembourg, the last franc coins intended for circulation all include the effigy of HRH Grand Duke Jean on their front side. The reverse has the inscription of the parts of the face value and the date of their minting date.

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Note that each denomination of the last coins that circulated before the introduction of the euro has two slightly different graphics (see images and specifications of franc coins)


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