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European level

Through the execution of its responsibilities in matters of macro-prudential supervision, the BCL actively contributes to the different committees and working groups of the European System of Central Banks (ESCB) such as the Financial Stability Committee (FSC), established in 2011 to replace the previous Banking Supervision  Committee (BSC).

Moreover, it is worth noting that the involvement of the BCL in macro-prudential supervision considerably increased since the establishment of the European Systemic Risk Board  (ESRB) as well as its components, notably the Advisory Technical Committee and its two substructures relating to macro-prudential instruments and analysis.

Finally, the BCL is represented within the Economic and Financial Committee (EFC) that examines issues related to financial stability every six months in the context of the Financial Stability Table (FST). The FST is responsible for the preparation of the discussions within the ECOFIN about issues related to financial stability.