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Final and award ceremony of the "Generation €uro Students' Award" secondary school competition


The final and award ceremony of the Eurosystem’s secondary school competition “Generation €uro Students’ Award” were held on Tuesday 29 March by the BCL via teleconference. It concluded the ninth edition, launched in September 2021, of the competition in Luxembourg.


Mr Gaston Reinesch, Governor of the BCL, the three finalist teams and the BCL Generation €uro team, during the awards ceremony of the 2021-2022 edition.

23 teams took part in the first round of the competition, an online quiz with 30 questions about the Eurosystem and its monetary policy. Of these 23 teams, 17 were selected for the second round, in which they had to make a monetary policy decision and explain in writing the reasoning behind that decision.

The final of 29 March brought together the top three teams from the second round, which had to present a new monetary policy decision and answer questions from the BCL jury.

After the teams’ presentations and the jury’s deliberation, Mr. Gaston Reinesch, Governor of the BCL and member of the Governing Council of the ECB, opened the award ceremony.

The list of laureates is as follows:

  • First prize: Team Laissez-faire from the St. George’s International School, composed of Cameron Bidiuc, Amna Ghafoor, Max Gold, Wendy Shi and Siddarth Vaitty (teacher: Mrs Julia van Kalles);
  • Second prize : European School team from the European School I, composed of Louis Darras, Eduardo De La Fuente Malacuera, Mina Majus, Luca Adrian Mulder and Lucas Volmich (teacher: Mr Lars Thuesen);
  • Third prize: II Prozent team from the Athénée de Luxembourg, composed of Mark Chandler, Inès Georges, Isabelle Jolivet, Raphaël Reuter and Thomas Van Burik (teacher: Mr Christophe Baustert).

The winning team, Team Laissez-faire, will participate in the virtual European award ceremony, together with the winners of the other national Eurosystem competitions, which will take place under the chairmanship of Mrs Christine Lagarde, President of the ECB, on 3 May 2022.

The "Generation €uro Students' Award" is organized by the BCL in Luxembourg and is aimed at students of 2nd or 12th grade studying economics. The competition is played in teams of three to five students supervised by a teacher "coach". It is open to all schools in Luxembourg. Participation is possible in English or French. The competition is organized simultaneously in eleven member countries of the euro area by the respective national central banks.

More information on the competition is available on the Luxembourg page of the website, as well as on request by email: