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BCL swears in 21 new staff members


On 28th July 2022, 21 new staff members of the Banque centrale du Luxembourg (BCL) swore an oath before Mr Gaston Reinesch, President of the BCL:

  1. BERTRAND Nicolas, Risk prevention and cyber-security
  2. BOISSINOT David, Infrastructure and operation
  3. DIALLO Hafsatou, Financial institutions and securitisation vehicles
  4. DUSENGE Tony, Analytical applications
  5. FRIES Sébastien, Enterprise resource applications
  6. GEBES Can, Analytical applications
  7. GUI Denis, Infrastructures and payment systems
  8. GUIBERT Zacharie, Financial risk management
  9. KIEFFER Christophe, Business cycle
  10. LIMA Luis, Payments
  11. MARBEHANT Jérôme, Infrastructure and operations
  13. PETNIUNAS Vilius, Financial institutions and securitisation vehicles
  14. PONCELET Anne-Sophie, Logistics
  15. RIGAULT Boris, Enterprise resource applications
  16. ROJKOV Roman, Oversight
  17. ROKITA Krzysztof, Oversight
  18. SCHODER Justin, Office automation, support & ITSM
  19. SORRENTINO Vito, Pension management
  20. VORMS Pierre-Olivier, Security
  21. WEILER Christina, Secretariat to the Executive Board

On 1 July 2022, the BCL was composed of 448 staff members, among which 294 men and 154 women. The average age of the BCL agents is of 44.51.

Gaston Reinesch also proceeded to the presentation of honorary distinctions:

Chevalier de la Couronne de Chêne :

Madame Christiane GRATIA

 Chevalier de l’Ordre de Mérite :

Madame Sandra HOFFMANN

Monsieur Bertrand LOBSTEIN

Monsieur Jean-Louis MOREAU



The Executive Board of the BCL with the new staff members.


The Executive Board of the BCL with the awardees.