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Film about the missions and tasks of the Banque centrale du Luxembourg


In order to better present its missions and tasks, the Banque centrale du Luxembourg (BCL) has released a short explanatory film that is available on its website (

The aim of the film is to provide clear and accessible information on the main missions of the Central Bank, its involvement at the level of the Eurosystem and the central role played by the institution in the Luxembourg economy.

The film, which is available in 4 languages (Luxembourgisch, German, French and English), will also serve as didactic support for presentations given to groups of visitors or to the numerous students visiting the Bank.

The 4 linguistic versions of the film are available on the BCL’s website at the following link:

The Communications Section is at your disposal for any further information on this press release.

  • English language version

  • French language version 

  • Luxembourg language version

  • German language version