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Finals and award ceremony of the "Generation €uro Students' Award" high school competition


The finals and award ceremony of the Eurosystem high school competition “Generation €uro Students’ Award” were organised on Tuesday 27 February at the BCL. This event concluded Luxembourg’s 2017-2018 contest.

The “Generation €uro Students’ Award” competition was created in 2011 and has been organised in Luxembourg since 2013. The competition targets secondary school students aged between 16 and 19, particularly those following economics classes. Its aim is to promote a better understanding of the role and functioning of the Eurosystem, an entity composed of the European Central Bank (ECB) and the national central banks of the euro area. The competition is co-organised by the ECB and a dozen national central banks in participating countries, including the BCL in Luxembourg.

In the 2017-2018 contest, 22 teams took part in the first round in November, during which participants had to respond to a 30-question online quiz on the Eurosystem and its monetary policy. Out of these 22 teams, 17 were selected for the second round in January, in which they were asked to take a monetary policy decision and explain their reasoning in writing. The three best teams selected at the end of the second round were invited to take part in the finals on 27 February, during which they had to present a new monetary policy decision before a jury of experts from the BCL and answer questions from the jury.

The following high schools took part in the competition in 2017-2018: Athénée de Luxembourg, European School II, Lycée Aline Mayrisch, Lycée Hubert Clément, Lycée technique de Lallange and Sportlycée.

The following teams reached the finals:

  • Team “Black Swan” from Lycée Hubert Clément (1st place), composed of Jilliane Amper, Ross Jin, Katia Sousa and Daniela Ursuleac (teacher: Carlo Klein);


  • Team “R2D2” from Athénée de Luxembourg (2nd place), composed of Carl’Amedeo Czarnocki Lucheschi, Egan Paquay and Jie Jack Yang (teacher: Christophe Baustert);


  • Team “ReACC’ odVsP” from Lycée Aline Mayrisch (3rd place), composed of Lior Bahbout, Pit Faber and Vicky Feyereisen (teacher: Patricia Becker).


After the jury’s deliberation, Mr. Gaston Reinesch, Governor of the BCL and member of the Governing Council of the ECB, opened the award ceremony.

In his address, Mr. Reinesch expressed his satisfaction with the outcome of the competition: “Monetary policy has a strong impact on the everyday life of euro area inhabitants. It is therefore essential that youngsters, as future citizens, be best informed about its mechanisms. I would like to congratulate all of you for your efforts and thank your teachers for their support throughout the three stages of the competition.”       

This year’s winning team “BlackSwan” will travel to Frankfurt on 10 and 11 April for the European award event, where each best national team will receive a certificate from the hands of the ECB President Mario Draghi.

More information on the competition is available on the Luxembourg page of the website, on its Facebook profile as well as on request by email:


Photo: Mr. Gaston Reinesch, BCL Governor, surrounded by the finalists and the members of the jury