Research and publications

Each year the BCL releases several publications, including a financial stability review, containing analyses on current economic and financial issues. The BCL’s study and research activities foster the development of expertise in monetary, financial and economic issues.

The BCL also publishes an annual report, which is available in French and in English. The BCL’s financial accounts are presented in the annual report.

Conferences are organised in different contexts. Under the aegis of the “ Bridge Forum dialogue” − an association chaired by the Governor of the BCL and aimed at connecting the European institutions established in Luxembourg with the financial, economic and legal institutions and actors in Luxembourg − conferences are regularly organised, where multi-disciplinary topics related to European developments are discussed.

Furthermore, the BCL periodically arranges conferences in cooperation with the ECB that are held in Luxembourg.

The BCL periodically organises numismatic exhibitions in its Monterey building in Luxembourg. The BCL also carries out educational activities for high school students whose curriculum includes economics classes. At the request of interested teachers, the BCL organises presentations regarding the missions and the organisation of the BCL and the Eurosystem.



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