Provision of services

The BCL provides services to the State…

The BCL is not the State’s bank. It is not, for example, in charge of servicing the State’s debt, collecting tax payments or paying the salaries of civil servants. The Treaty prohibits ESCB central banks from granting an overdraft or a loan to Member States.

Nonetheless, the BCL issues coins on behalf of the State and acts as a fiscal agent for the State towards the International Monetary Fund (IMF), holding the assets and liabilities of Luxembourg in relation to the IMF. It is within this context that the State has opened current accounts and made term deposits with the BCL.

… and to individuals

As an issuing institution, the BCL reimburses euro banknotes and coins that have been mutilated or destroyed, as well as old Luxembourg francs, at the conversion rate fixed when the euro was introduced (LUF40.3399).

In agreement with the Ministry of Finance, the BCL has developed a special service dedicated to professional and amateur numismatists since 2002. Besides new euro collector coins, the BCL issues a number of numismatic products each year, which are available to the public in its numismatic centre located at 43, avenue Monterey, Luxembourg-Ville.

The BCL’s publications can be consulted and downloaded online or can be obtained in paper format within the limits of availability. They fall into the public domain and can therefore be freely used and reproduced, as long as the source and date are mentioned and the information is neither modified nor used for commercial purposes.