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Organisation of a training seminar for economics and social sciences teachers at the BCL


On Thursday, 26 January, a training seminar for teachers, tutors and trainee teachers in economics and social sciences was held at the BCL on the theme: "The Eurosystem’s Monetary Policy”.

The three-hour seminar, organised in co-operation between the BCL and the National Conference of Professors of Economics and Social Sciences (CNPSES), under the aegis of the National Education Training Institute (IFEN), was attended by around 40 teachers from the classical and technical secondary school system.

Mr. Paul Mercier, Advisor to the Executive Board and Coordinator of European and Internal Affairs at the BCL, gave the presentation, the aim of which was to deepen participants' knowledge of the conventional and unconventional monetary policy measures implemented by the Eurosystem.

This is the second time that BCL hosts a training seminar for economics and social sciences teachers, following the great success of the first session in October 2014.

This initiative reflects the BCL’s desire to pursue its efforts towards the educational community, in parallel with other educational actions successfully carried out in recent years such as the organisation of the "Generation €uro" school competition or the hosting of presentations for high school and university students.