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Oath of office at the BCL


On January 16, 2020, 19 new staff members of the Banque centrale du Luxembourg (BCL) have been sworn in by Mr. Gaston Reinesch, President of the BCL:



  1. Laurence BOUCHARD, Strategy and projects section
  2. Baptiste BROUART, Analytical applications section
  3. Yiwen CHEN, Research Section
  4. Felix CONZEMIUS, Graduate Programme
  5. Emilie DECEMBRY, Graduate Programme
  6. Rafael GOMES, Procurement section
  7. Sophie JIN, Graduate Programme
  8. Marleen KRAUSCH, Graduate Programme
  9. Francesco LIBRIZZI, Enterprise resource applications section
  10. Crina Alexandra MAIMON, Liquidity monitoring section
  11. Onenne PARTSCH, Legal services section
  12. Marina PEREIRA QUINTAS, Fiduciary circulation control section
  13. Elisabetta Maria SAINI, Currency handling control section
  14. Eric TALAVET, Enterprise resource applications section
  15. Henriikka TUTTI, Middle office Section
  16. Fanny VARIN, Human resources department
  17. Pierre WAETERLOOS, Banking applications section
  18. Jérôme Zimmer, Security Section
  19. Damien ZORZI, Infrastructure & operation section





As of January 1, 2020, 411 staff members worked at the BCL. The staff was composed of 258 men and 143 women. The average age of BCL staff is 44.07 years.



 photo assermentation 2020



Photo: Mr Gaston Reinesch, President of the BCL (center 1st row), Mr Roland Weyland, Director (1st row 3rd from the left), Mr Pierre Beck, Director (1st row 2nd from the right), surrounded by the new staff members.