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Possible impact of euro banknotes on the spread of the coronavirus


The Eurosystem conducts regular research into the potential impact of the production and circulation of euro banknotes on public health, including in relation to viruses. Further investigations regarding the corona virus are carried out.

So far there is no evidence of the coronavirus having been spread via euro banknotes. Germany’s Robert Koch Institute recently confirmed that "virus transmission through banknotes has no particular significance".

As with normal seasonal influenza respiratory droplets of a person infected with a virus could survive for a limited period on a banknote, like on any other object. The probability of contagion with a virus via a banknote is, however, very low in comparison with other surfaces (e.g. door handles, hand rails, light switches, shopping baskets, payment terminals). The basic protective measures against the new coronavirus should be applied as recommended by the World Health Organisation including washing your hands frequently.

The Eurosystem is closely monitoring banknote circulation.