Frequently Asked Questions

40,000 households were selected randomly from households listed in the Luxembourg Social Security Register. There is no specific reason for your selection.
No, participation is entirely voluntarily but highly encouraged. Private households play a pivotal role in the economy, and gaining a comprehensive understanding of their financial behaviour, including consumption, savings and indebtedness, is essential to conduct an appropriate monetary policy. This information is not only instrumental in analyzing the evolution of prices, but also in anticipating risks to financial stability.
If your household received an invitation, you will find detailed instructions in the letter. Simply access the provided link, enter your login and password, and follow the instructions.
Resident survey: The most financially knowledgeable person within your household should respond to the household questions. This should be the person who has the most knowledge about the financial matters of the household as a whole and its individual members. If your household received multiple letters, please complete the survey only once – it should be completed by the financially most knowledgeable person.

Cross-border commuter households: The household member who received the invitation letter should complete the survey. If your household received multiple letters, please designate only one of the members to whom the letter was addressed to respond, preferably the most financially knowledgeable person.
While it is recommended that all household members aged 16 or over be present during the survey. However, if this is not possible then the person answering the survey may answer the questions on behalf of other household members.
Yes, the survey is compatible with all internet browsers and can be accessed on your smartphone.
The online questionnaire is available in French, German, English and Portuguese.
On average, the survey takes about 45 minutes to complete. However, the duration may vary depending on your household’s size and financial situation.
Please complete the survey by the deadline shown on the invitation letter. A reminder will be sent to you if you have not completed the survey by the indicated deadline.
Yes, you can. If you are unable to finish the survey in one sitting, please complete the items on the current page before proceeding to the next page to save your progress automatically. You can return to the survey using any device and complete it at your convenience before the closing date of the survey.
Yes, we recommend consulting your documents to expedite the online survey and provide more accurate responses. Useful documents to have on hand include:
• Salary or pension slips from January to December 2022;
• The last tax return;
• Invoices for current accommodation-related costs;
• Statements from your bank accounts.
Yes, all survey responses are anonymous. Neither the BCL nor LISER will have access to your identity or contact information, and IP-addresses will NOT be stored.
The collected data will be used solely for statistical and scientific purposes. Our data collection and processing procedures adhere to the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 on the protection of individuals regarding personal data processing (General Data Protection Regulation – GDRP). Results will only be presented in aggregated and anonymous form.
Your survey responses will be used exclusively to create relevant statistics and analysis regarding household wealth and financial behaviour, including consumption, savings and indebtedness.
As a token of appreciation, the BCL and LISER will provide you with a 20-euro gift voucher for Amazon or, which you can use for shopping, or you can choose to donate the same amount to a recognized charity. To receive the voucher, you need to complete the survey, provide correct answers to simple attention questions, and provide your e-mail address at the end of the survey. Early 2024, you will receive your gift voucher code at the email address you provided or confirmation of the charity donation.