Household Finance and Consumption Survey



The fifth wave of the Luxembourg Household Finance and Consumption Survey is closed. 

Letters were sent to several thousand households living in Luxembourg and to cross-border commuter households to invite them to take part in a web-based interview. The fieldwork period lasted 15th December 2023. We thank a lot all particpants who took part in this survey, and we remind you that the results of this survey are regularly published in the BCL Bulletin and BCL working papers.

Call for papers

Call for papers: 9 th Luxembourg Workshop on Household Finance and Consumption
Organiser: Central Bank of Luxembourg
Date: Thursday, 27 June - Friday, 28 June 2024
Location: Luxembourg

Latest publications (chronological order)

Naidin, M.D., S.R. Waltl and M. Ziegelmeyer (2024): Objective housing sales and rent prices in representative household surveys: Implications for wealth, inequality, housing market and affordability statistics, The Review of Income and Wealth, forthcoming.
Giordana, G. and M. Ziegelmeyer (2024): Using household-level data to guide borrower-based macro-prudential policy, Empirical Economics,  66: 785–827.
Pulina, G. (2024): Credit card debt puzzle: Evidence from the euro area, Economics Letters, 236, 111586.
Girshina, A., T.Y. Mathä and M. Ziegelmeyer (2024): Peer Effects in Stock Market Participation: Evidence from Immigration, The Review of Income and Wealth, forthcoming.
Mathä, T.Y., A. Montes-Viñas, G. Pulina and M. Ziegelmeyer (2023): The Luxembourg Household Finance Consumption Survey: Results from the fourth wave in 2021, BCL WP 176, November 2023.
Pulina, G. (2023): Consumer debt in Luxembourg and the euro area: Evidence from the Household Finance and Consumption Survey, BCL WP 175, November 2023, summarised in SUERF Policy Brief, 2024, 828.
Lindner, P., T.Y. Mathä, G. Pulina and M. Ziegelmeyer (2023): Borrowing constraints, own labour and homeownershipApplied Economics, 55(42): 4931-4945.
Mathä, T.Y., A. Montes-Viñas, G. Pulina and M. Ziegelmeyer (2023): COVID-19 effects on income, consumption and savings: Evidence from the Luxembourg Household Finance and Consumption Survey, BCL Bulletin, 2023, 2: 50-59.
Mathä, T.Y., G. Pulina and M. Ziegelmeyer (2023): Do private wealth transfers help with homeownership? A first assessment for Luxembourg, BCL WP 174, June 2023.
Giordana, G. and M. Ziegelmeyer (2023): Household indebtedness and their vulnerability to rising interest rates, BCL WP 173, June 2023.